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System Design — from Beginner to Senior.

What will I learn?

Build Recommendation System

How does it work?

Read all the chapters and take time to gain deep understanding

Read every chapter twice, if not more, and give yourself enough time to understand every single thing explained in the chapters. This course is not a shortcut to cracking interviews. Our goal is much broader and greater than that. We will give you the deep wisdom that a Software Architect gains after years of experience of Distributed Computing and building planet scale systems. Once you reach that Nirvana state, acing interviews will become your second nature. We will help you get there.

Do all the Exercises and Gain Hands-on Experiences

Most interview candidates lack practical experience of building internet scale distributed systems. This course will bridge that gap by pointing you to the right direction on how highly scalable distributed systems are built on cloud. So please follow the guidelines and documentations to build our discussed systems on cloud hands-on. We will be using Microsoft Azure Cloud. But you can use other cloud platforms as well such as AWS, GCP, OCI. So when you go for an interview, you won't talk about all the concepts superficially, instead you will demonstrate deep understanding of how internals of different scalable components are implemented.

Achieve More!

This course is not a shortcut to prepare for interviews. This course is, in fact, the long route to success where you ace interviews by actually becoming a skilled software engineer and gaining deep wisdom and knowledge of designing scalable systems and Distributed Computing.

This course will not only help you prepare for tough System Design interviews, but will also set you up for long term success in your software engineering career. No matter what your end goal is, whether your focus right now is just to crack interviews, or you want to become a Senior Software Engineer, Staff Software Engineer, Software Architect or a Cloud Architect, this course has something for everyone to become a better software engineer.

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